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    My  Tips  &  Tricks

 To imitate upper ball joint rivets, use button head bolts. Fill allen  head slot
with bondo. Sand and paint with Eastwood 10281z  zink phos.paint.

 I use Rust-oleum bright coat aluminum #7715 for a silver zinc look alike.

 For black zinc look alike, mopar dash paint sprayed dry.  PPG- Dia 9324.

 VHT flat aluminum header paint looks  like galvanizing. Mist a little silver on top to make speckles.

 Stainless steel cotter keys in front suspension.They don't rust.

 Rain-x    makes old tail light lens look like new.


67-68 Camaro # 477 L & # 214 H

69-72 Camaro # 289 L & # 290 H

68-72 Chevelle # 279 L & # 280 H

64-67 Corvette # 487 L & # 488 H

The part numbers and date codes are stamped in the corners of the trumpets.

Dates = year / month / week

9A2 = 69 / Jan / week 2

All GM production line horns had spot welded brackets. Horns with large nuts holding the brackets on are replacements. There are no NOS horns. Production horns have the welded brackets and replacements do not.

If anyone tells you to put oil into a non-working horn hook up to a battery hit with a hammer. Don't do it. It seldom works The oil gets into the metal and contaminates my blast media and causes paint to fish eye.The dents must be filled with bondo.Deep dents can change tone.


      Customer   Feedback

"WOW   What a nice job. They look and sound great. I almost spend $90 at the dealership for plastic horns." (70 Chevelle)
Grant S.   Atlanta, Ga

" Are you sure you took them apart. I cant tell. Just kidding, great job." (63 Galaxy)
Tom H.     Denver , Co

"You do nice work. A much needed service."  (65 Mustang)
Brian B.   Hartford , Ct.

" The price was right. They look perfect."  ( 66 Cadillac)
Mike T.  Rockford, IL.

"Thanks for restoring my original horns."  (66 GTO)
 Pete  S.  Spokane, Wa.

" Thanks for returning my original horns looking like new." (66 Pontic)   Sue  A.   Scranton, Pa.

" I'm sending you my horns in the morning. Some _ _ _ almost backed into me today." ( 66 Chevelle )  
 Scott K.       Troy, Mi.

" I bought several used  horns that didn't work .Finally I had you restore my originals. Thanks Gary, I am glad someone is doing this." (68 Camaro )  Dennis S.  Fresno , Ca.

"Nice attention to detail. Perfect job."
 (  59 corvette )   Warren  G.   Louisville, Ky.

"Thanks for rebuilding my horns so fast. I have another pair I will be sending  you next month."    (69  442)
  Skip  J.   Kansas City , Mo.

" Now my restoration is complete, thanks."  (69 Shelby )
   Jim  T.    Quebec , Canada.

" High quality work."  (69 Camaro )
   Glenn  S .    Andrews Air force Base .

" Whoa daddy got the horns. They are a knock out."  (65 corvette)
  Dixie C.   Kernerville NC .

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