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  Q -   Can you rebuild horns not working at all ?
  A -   Yes, that is a common problem.
  Q -   Can you replace broken terminals?
  A -   Yes, bad parts are replaced as part of the rebuilding process.
  Q -   Are horns dated for my car?
  A -   Yes, some manufacturers date code their horns.
  Q -   Do horns look original after rebuilding?
  A -   Yes, horns will pass the most discriminating judging.
  Q -   One horn works, one horn doesn't work. Can you rebuild just one?
  A -   I usually rebuild pairs. The one that works is probably full of rust,
         and does not compare to the sound of a rebuilt horn.
  Q -   Can I buy horns outright?   
  A -   Yes, in some cases I have cores. There are many different brackets,
          so I prefer to rebuild yours. I have parts to make them look like new.
  Q -   What horns do you restore?
  A -   I restore primarily 1964 and newer Ford, Gm, at this
         time. Sometimes I do get parts for older horns.
  Q -  Will I get my original horns back?
  A -  Yes, you get your horns back. You might not recognize them though.

   OEM dealers no longer carry horns that look correct. Do NOT fill horns with oil and hammer on them. This does not work. The dents cannot be removed. They must be filled. The oil contaminants my blast cabinet.

     Horns are an important safety feature of your car. Many states require them to work to pass inspection. Next time someone pulls out in front of you, will your horns work to warn them?

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